Ex-Girlfriend of Sean Penn Arrested for Assault While "Celebrating" Their Split

jessica white
Jessica White was arrested for assault

Model Jessica White, who recently broke up with Sean Penn, was arrested over the weekend for assault. Her attorney Mark Jay Heller says she “was out with friends celebrating her new single status…She just ended her relationship with Sean Penn and was celebrating.” Oh, well that explains it! I always beat someone up when I’m out celebrating the demise of a relationship. Here’s what allegedly happened:

According to reports, White allegedly hit a woman repeatedly in the face and pulled her hair. She was subsequently arrested outside of New York’s Avenue Lounge. She was held in police custody for over 12 hours.

When asked about the incident, Heller responded that there, “were at least five witnesses that will be able to corroborate her (White’s) story and confirm that her conduct was not criminal in nature.

“The Sports Illustrated models that I represent Rachel Hunter and Jessica White are all good sports and super people, they are not the type of women that get into cat fights,” Heller added. “Stories concerning celebrities frequently get blown up and I am confident that when the air is released from this blown up story that has obviously been over inflated, all that will be left will be hot air with no substance.”

Remind me to never hire this attorney if I become a Sports Illustrated model. He himself seems full of the hot air he could not stop referencing in one short sentence. Regardless, Robin Wright can breathe a sigh of relief  that White will not become the step-mother of her children given she perhaps has some anger management issues. Because even if the story was blown out of proportion, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And hot air, I’m sure Heller would remind us.


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