EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Staub Dishes On Showdown With Castmates, Gives Advice To Ashley


The last episode of New Jersey Housewifves ended with a giant blow out between Teresa Giudice, Jaqueline Laurita, Jaqueline’s 19 year old daughter Ashley, and Danielle Staub at a fashion show in North Jersey. We’ve seen the teaser for the upcoming episode and its full of yelling, crying, blaring sirens—a ton of drama. We don’t have to wait to find out what happens though. There are police reports.

Danielle signed complaints against Teresa, Jacqueline and Ashley and appeared in court with a camera crew claiming that she was afraid. She eventually dropped the charges against Teresa and Jacqueline  but has not dropped theme against Ashley who is being charged with “harassment and simple assault, both disorderly persons offenses,” for ripping one of Danielle’s hair extensions out at the root.

This is crazy, no? “Teresa’s not an actress and neither am I. That was as real as you’re going to see Teresa,” Danielle told Famecrawler at Music Unites & Rolling Stone Magazine’s In Tune event with the Fiery Furnaces in NYC last night. “Now people are starting to see the real Teresa. What did I say? Don’t call me honey? And I deserve to get chased. And I am insane?”

Um…no? I think.

“She got up, literally, and I tried walking away” Danielle continued. “She’s saying , ‘What are you going to do? You ‘re gonna run away?’ And what does she do? She chases me so I do have to run. But it’s not just her. She’s got Jacqueline, she’s got Ashley. Who does that to people? What did I do? I went to the bathroom and she planted herself there. I’ll just say this. Their darkness is coming and I’m getting out of it’s way. That’s all I have to say about it.”

The tension in the last episode was certainly thick. Ashley spent most of the evening staring at Danielle who later made a comment about Jacqueline, “Nice parenting.” How does she really feel about the other women as moms? “My children weren’t there chasing after another woman alongside of their mom,” she says. “My children would never do that. Ever. Furthermore, in Season 1, everyone’s kids were there when a table was flipped at me and I was called horrific names. My children have never seen that kind of behavior.”

So what are her thoughts on Ashley who is old enough to be involved in this sort of drama but still much younger than the women she is interacting with on the show? “I was there once and I really want her to understand that she’s at a cross roads right now. I hope that she knows. I didn’t have that kind of parenting. I didn’t have parents or family around me. I want her to see that she’s been given a really great chance and opportunity to possibly help others if she were to become a little more aware. Attacking another person is not pretty and if people think I am just picking on her because she’s 19 when she’s attacking me…think about that really. What are people saying when they say that she’s only 19? She’s attacking another person. It’s such craziness.”

Yes, yes it is crazyness. For the record, Danielle did not yell, scream, or cause any drama at the event I was at. She was sane, classy, and had her new music producer and songwriter Lorie Michaels in tow.