Exclusive Photo! Gavin Rossdale Get's the Super Cool Dad Award!

Gavin Rossdale

Living in Los Angeles, and being married to a talent agent, I often see celebrities out and about or meet them at events. I was taught as a child to be very respectful of others’ space and let them enjoy their time out with family and friends. For the most part I have done that. Some times, I will jump on Facebook so I can announce it to my friends and or my website.

Today, I was walking down an alley going to get my hair cut and to buy birthday presents! It was a fun Saturday all on my own no kids!!  It had been lightly sprinkling out and I looked up to see a man taking a small dog out of his jacket. Normally that would be alarming right? Well, not in Los Angeles, you see it often. Anyway, this man took out the fluffiest dog and I could not help but ohh and ahh. He looked up and smiled and said, “You just gotta do what you gotta do!”

I told him how cute the dog was, and as the words came out is when it clicked and I realized he was Gavin Rossdale.

He smiled, said thank you and I walked on. I couldn’t help but take a photo. Just so I could show my friends… I had no intention of his face showing but he turned right as I clicked.

A few minutes later after window shopping I went into Bookstar to get birthday presents!  That is where I saw Gavin, Zuma and Kingston sitting and reading on a Saturday morning. It was so precious watching Gavin with them and enjoying every minute. I chose not to take a photo of that because it was their private time as a family and I just couldn’t.

I have to say, I was so impressed with the boys and the way they were in the store. No rough housing, no yelling, no grabbing. Just pure excitement to read and be read to!

I give Gavin the Super Cool Dad award because, well, he is!  What celebrity would you like to meet?

[Photo Source : Natalie’s iPhone]

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