EXCLUSIVE: RHONJ Danielle Staub Weighs In On NY Cast: I Love Kelly Bensimon, Think Jill Zarin Is A Wonderful Human Being


Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub claims she “doesn’t even watch her own show,” so why would she watch the Real Housewives of New York? Yet despite not tuning in for each episode, she does have an opinion on a few of the ladies.

“I love Kelly. She’s always been decent to me,” Danielle told Famecrawler at a Music Unites and Rolling Stone event this week.  “I don’t care if she’s said something nasty about me, she is still a decent human being. Ive never heard her trash talking anybody. I see a woman that possibly has been attacked by others.”

Danielle knows what being attacked by others feels like, both on an emotional and phsyical level. “I think I have been bullied. Im not saying that in a ‘Oh feel sorry for me way,’ but like ‘Stop it. Grow up people. Stop doing that to other people.'”

She adds on behalf of Kelly,  “If you defend yourself by saying ‘You don’t know what goes on behind the scene.’ No, I do understand because it happens to me. Leave her alone. The people that stand up and stand next to her—I see Jill Zarin as one of the most wonderful human beings.”

Danielle and Jill are actually good friends. They did not know each other before the show, but have found camraderie despite being in separate casts. “Jill reached out to me very personally and extended support because she found out how important that was to me.  She gets attacked too. We all do. If you think it’s pretty to attack people look at my 3 cast mates. Look at the darkness they’re surrounding themselves in.”