Exclusive Scoop On New Season Of 'Kendra'

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An All-New Season of 'Kendra' Premieres Nov. 7

It’s finally here! E!’s very own reality series Kendra based on the life of former Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett premieres an all new season tonight at 10 PM.

“He already knows how to throw a ball,” Kendra says of Hank IV, who has his first birthday next month. “He plays catch with the dogs…And he’s so tall. I know he’s probably going to go into basketball because his length is just skyrocketing. He’s like a 24-month-old. He’s just growing so quick.”

With all the baby talk, Kendra has extra plans for the near future.

Kendra hopes to publish another book. “I want it to be a double book,” she said. “I want it to have Hank’s point of views on things and then my point of view. I want it to be a recipe of how we both deal with life.”

As far as the upcoming holidays, Kendra wants a simple gift.

“You know what I need for Christmas is just a spa certificate,” she said. “I need to go to a spa because mama is tired. I need a massage. My toenails are broken. My fingernails are broken off. I mean, I think I need a spa day every day.”