EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek of Secret of the Wings: The New Tinker Bell Fairies Film (Video)


There is something so enchanting and oh so enjoyable about a Disney Fairies movie. I may be a grown woman but I enjoy Tinker Bell’s adventures as much as my fairy loving 6-year-old daughter. And really, pretty much everyone has a soft spot for Tink, how could you not?

The newest addition to the Disney Fairies franchise is Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings which tells the tale of Tinker Bell and the life changing discovery that she has a sister, a sibling who lives in the very frosty world of the Winter Woods. Tinker Bell’s sister Periwinkle is a brand new member to the Disney Fairies family and she is adorable, sweet and of course magical.

Secret of the Wings will be coming out on DVD this October 23rd, but to tide you over until the release date here is an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of Secret of the Wings. Your daughter will thank you.

Check out this Babble exclusive right here: