Experts Analyze Why Jon's Got Game: Neediness And Manipulation


jon-gosselin-hailey-glassmanOver the last few weeks Jon Gosselin’s strange babe magnetism has come as a shock, and yet somehow it’s unsurprising. How a man so despised and seemingly unattractive is able to hook up with women at random is beyond me. Experts, however, think they’ve got Jon “the ladies man” Gosselin’s game figured out.

Apparently, it’s actually Jon’s weaknesses and overall neediness that is helping him rack up points with a ton of ladies. That’s according to the experts, of course. Says one psychotherapist, Mary Jo Rapini:

“He’s picking up a lot of women who are trying to rescue him… He’s going out and being manipulative and hurting everyone he comes in contact with, but the further he goes with this, women feel like he is just misunderstood.”

Obviously, it’s a lot easier to play the “I’m so misunderstood by the media” card when you’re famous for being on a reality show where for years, you were a somewhat normal (if not a little douchey) dad.

According to psychotherapist Nancy Brooks, Jon also gets quite a bit of play out of the shyish, needy vibe he puts off:

“His demeanor is quite passive and very cooperative,” she says. “Women are attracted to men who they feel will be there for them, men who will do what they want.”

So, there you have it. If you were wondering how in the world Jon Gosselin was managing to two-time his lovers and have sleepovers with his children’s babysitter, and yet still find more women who will put up with him, this is the world of psychology’s best guess.