Extreme Couponing: Were These Coupon Users HOARDERS?


extreme couponingTLC’s Extreme Couponing features people who go to great lengths for a deals. But are some of the people on Extreme Couponing HOARDERS?  While I respect those people who are able to save so much money via coupons, Amanda the coupon clippers revealed,  “I’ve been stockpiling for about three and a half years,” she says. “When I look at my toilet paper the feeling it brings to me is absolute joy!”

Amanda has over 3000 rolls of toilet paper, enough to last the around 40 years. That takes frugal to a place that is beyond saving money and into the area of hoarding.

Some of the people on Extreme Couponing got $1100 worth of stuff for only $50 which is awesome but are some of these coupon divas also hoarders?  Do average couponers need entire rooms devoted to their stash, like the coupon clippers featured on Extreme Couponing?

Nathan, one of the coupon clippers featured on the TLC show,purchased the following in ONE SHOPPING TRIP: 60 bottles of hand soap, 40 bottles of water and 1100 boxes of cereal.  This mega shopping spree cost him just $241 but he was able to get nearly $6000 worth of products.  Nathan also has over 10,000 items stocked at home.

What do you think?  Extreme Couponing is great but are some of these people also hoarding?