Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic News: People Overreacting To Hoax Theory?

facebook cartoon profile pic news
Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic News: People Overreacting?

In the latest Facebook cartoon profile pic news involving the “Facebook Change Picture To Cartoon” craze, a rumor started that the Facebook cartoon profile pic trend may be a hoax. What started out as a way to raise awareness about child abuse and violence has turned into some people speculating that this is a way for child predators to lure kids to them online.

Are people overreacting to the Facebook cartoon profile pic hoax theory? If this were truly a case of online predators at work, wouldn’t there have been some huge announcement made on the news last night? I will be curious as to what is reported about Facebook on tonight’s news, if anything.

Will you be changing your Facebook profile picture from a cartoon back to a real photo after today?

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