Facebook Down, What Will My Teens Do?

numbers on facebook status facebook number game

Over 550 million Facebook users were unable to log on to their Facebook profiles today. At 4:15pm EST, there was a glitch over at Facebook, which caused the company to take the site down for about 30 minutes.

As the mother of a teen and a tween, let me tell you that Facebook being down is a major thing!  End-of-the-world type of drama here at my house. Teens and geeks (like me) were in a panic over the Facebook crisis.

One funny message on Twitter about the Facebook outage from

“#Facebook is down. Half the world population had suddenly become productive. The other half of the population is using #Twitter.”

Facebook was rolling out a new set features today. New brand pages, a new photo area and other new functions were being implemented and then something snapped. Did you have problems logging in to Facebook today? Did you panic? Did you even notice Facebook was down?

Talk to me Facebook addicts!