Facebook # Number Game How to Play

What do the facebook # s mean?

Have you seen the Number Game on facebook? You may have noticed Facebook # appearing on your home page. What do they mean, anyway?

This trend started on twitter and has moved to facebook. Instead of writing in your status something like “Hey, John, I love you,” you use the number that “John” secretly gave you. So, you write “Hey, #27, I love you.”

So, it’s a secret between you and “John.” Sounds more like something that would be popular with the teen crowd who worry more about what people think of their status updates.

Though, you could use it for inside jokes, those events you promised you wouldn’t bring up, like “So, #45, remember that time in college when you slipped on the ice and split your pants? Nice underwear!” Leaving every one of your college facebook friends to wonder who you are talking about.

Sort of like a party game, I guess.

What do you think? Will this game spread like the cartoon characters of last weekend? Will you play? Yes, you, #95, I’m talking to you.

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