Facebook Places: Potentially Dangerous For Celebs and Their Kids?


Facebook Places has officially launched, and the application is basically the same idea as the popular, Foursquare, which lets users “check-in” at various locations to share with friends where they are and what they are doing.

The concept behind Facebook Places is for people to interact more on the site and add a physical location to their status updates. This definitely has the potential to be fun for some, but it could prove to be quite dangerous for others, particularly celebrities and their kids who are constantly chased by the paparazzi.

Plenty of celebs have Facebook accounts, and even though they are able to control who their friends are, they can’t control whether or not they will “tag” them while using Facebook Places.  Just as users can “tag” their friends in photos, Places will allow them to identify the location of their friends as well.

Celebrities, and in particular, famous parents, need to pay extra special attention to who their Facebook friends are now that this new application has launched.  It may be quite tempting for friends of A-listers to jazz up their own profiles by revealing the locations of their famous friends.

Lets hope that celeb moms are prepared for the idea of even more photographers to come chasing after them and their kids if they happen to have some shady friends on their list.

Facebook can already be kind of a pain in the rear end…and Facebook Places may just take the annoyance to a whole new level.

Photo: PRPhotos