Fact Check: Is Demi Too Old to Get Pregnant?


Demi Moore is saying that she wants to get pregnant — to have her first baby with husband Aston Kutcher  (she already has three with ex-husband Bruce Willis). Sound like old news? That’s because every year this story surfaces, and within weeks it fades. That’s probably because, well, Demi may want another baby, but as she ages, it’s getting less and less likely that she’ll be able to have one completely biologically on her own.

How unlikely? And what are her options? I’ve tapped into my bank of fertility experts and have the facts, below.

“At age 47, it just doesn’t happen on your own,” says one expert, who quickly backtracks. “Of course, you can never say never, but it’s highly unlikely. For her to conceive using her own eggs at this age would be close to a miracle.”

Which doesn’t mean she can’t conceive using other methods. Plenty of celebrities have given birth past age 45. Cheryl Tiegs had twins at 52, Beverly D’Angelo had twins at 49, Geena Davis welcomed twins when she was 48, Holly Hunter had her twins when she was 47. Elizabeth Edwards welcomed her last two children at ages 49 and 51. Yet when you celebrities giving birth at these ages, “you can assume they’ve used donor eggs,” says the expert.

So yes, Demi can likely get pregnant. But no, it probably won’t be with her own eggs.