Fair Game: The Valerie Plame Film Features Naomi Watts & Her Best Friend! (TRAILER)


Valarie PlameFair Game, the thriller that opens this Friday, is based on a very true story, the life of Valerie Plame (played by Naomi Watts). Her CIA identity was supposed to be completely secret but it was leaked in what was a political ploy to discredit her husband (played by Sean Penn). Although it’s a heavy intense subject, it looks like there was some fun on the set. One big reason? Because Naomi Watts had the opportunity to act along side her best friend Rebecca Rigg!

Rebecca Rigg is the wife of TV and film star Simon Baker. They have three children Stella Breeze, Claude Blue and Harry Friday. Nicole Kidman is godmother of Harry and Naomi Watts? She is godmother of Rebecca and Simon’s daughter, Stella. And this wasn’t the first time the two pals got to work together, they also starred in the 2005 indie feature Ellie Parker. It must be nice to get paid to play with your best pals!

Check out the trailer for Fair Game below!

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