Fake Fergie, Pregnant Fergie, Botox Fergie? Leave Fergie Alone!

fergie pregnant american idol plastic surgery face
Fergie pregnant on American Idol or plastic surgery (video)?

I missed American Idol last night and was stunned to see all the talk about Fergie.

Everyone was wondering what happened to Fergie’s face on American Idol’s Black Eyed Peas performance.

The questions were: is Fergie pregnant on American Idol or did Fergie get plastic surgery?

Really??? People were asking these questions???

I just don’t get it – I thought she looked fine!

There is nothing wrong with Fergie!

So what if her face appeared a little fuller – maybe she put on a couple of pounds!  It angers me when people automatically assume a celebrity is pregnant if she puts on some weight.

Honestly, I can’t believe this was such a hot topic Thursday night.

Cut the girl some slack!

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Fergie pregnant on American Idol or plastic surgery (video)?

Was <a title=”what happened to fergies face” href=”” target=”_blank”>Fergie pregnant on American Idol or did Fergie get plastic surgery</a>? What happened to Fergie’s face on American Idol’s Black Eyed Peas performance?

Fergie – or a Fergie Fake – appeared with the Black Eyed Peas on American Idol’s results show. <!–more–>

Twitter exploded with comments about whether Fergie is pregnant or if she got botox, a face lift or botched plastic surgery.

While we get what really happened to Fergie on American Idol sorted out, here’s one little tidbit: Ryan Seacrest took to Twitter earlier in the evening, writing, “Watching fergie on top of some furniture right now. @bep rehearsing… live on @AmericanIdol in 55 mins”

So… looks like Ryan confirmed it was Fergie, right? Or is the Fergie fake a cover up? Time will tell… you can watch the Fergie / Black Eyed Peas American Idol performance in the video below – it definitely doesn’t look like Fergie, nor does she really seem to have her mannerisms while performing.

Then again… a tweet went out on Twitter tonight: “Someone from the BEP’s label confirmed for me that it WAS Fergie singing tonight. Yes, I was so in doubt that I actually asked!”

What do you think? Is Fergie pregnant… was that her… plastic surgery?

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