Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz Talks About Keeping Life Easy For Son


Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simspson announced the end of their marriage earlier this year, so the ex-couple are working hard to make life  for their 2 year-old son Bronx as easy as possible.

Thirty-one year-old Wentz recently said: “Everything at home is good. We try to make his life as easy to navigate as possible and he’s growing up so it’s important for everyone who loves him to be involved with his life.”

The Fall Out Boy lead vocalist also says that Bronx is a talker: “He’s a talker and he tells a lot of stories in full sentences. I think he takes after both of us.”

But is there more to Wentz saying “everything is good”? Although Ashlee filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences,” The couple were recently seen holding hands while out on a family date at the Beverly Glen Mall in Los Angeles.

“Ashlee and Pete held hands, and Pete especially looked very happy,” a source said. “While waiting for their drinks, Pete had his arm around Ashlee and they definitely looked like a couple again. Ashlee kept smiling and lovingly leaned on Pete.”

This isn’t the first time that they’ve been spotted together holding hands. So maybe a reconciliation is in their future?

Photo: Pacific Coast News