Weekly Celebrity Mommy Tweets

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Celebrity moms tweet out what they're doing with their kids.

With hectic schedules of our own, we often find it difficult to stop and smell the roses – see what others are experiencing. But Twitter helps us see into the lives of our favorite celebrity moms! And here, we put together some of the latest tweets from those ladies who raise our favorite toddlers!

@Pink my life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes… now it’s snot, tears, and the color of poop. #bliss

@Denise_Richards btw our rescue that has eaten 5 pairs of my jeans, lola’s leotard, sami’s school shirt, well…she’s having pups. she’s been nesting…

@torianddean Anyone know a salon or place in Toronto (specifically Yorkville) that does those feather extensions? Stella had a hot pink one tht came out.

@bethenny Can I brag? bryn ate indian 2 nights ago,meditteranean last pm&tonight wheat pasta w veggies&tomatoes.she’s a foodie!

@mellyJhart About to watch Pirates4 with my boys…. So excited!!

What do you tweet about?