Family Fast Facts: Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott


Length of Marriage: 4 years

Children: Stella, 22 months, and Liam, 3.

Biggest Overshare About Being A New Mom: Food metaphor confusion. “Liam told me that my nipples looked like blueberries. And then he corrected himself and said, “No Mommy, actually they look like meatballs.”

Stella’s Personality: Future fashionista. “She’s into fashion,” Spelling tells this week’s print edition of Us Weekly. “She’s obsessed with shoes, and starting to pick out her own outfits!”

Liam’s Personality: Chill. Tori describes him as “Mellow.”

Favorite Activity: Lying in bed. “We feel like everything family-wise revolves around the bed. We call it cozy time.”

Best Red Carpet Moment With The Kids:  Liam and Stella showing off their new “Body Slam” pose.

Secret To Balancing Life and Work: Adrenaline. “Obviously my first priority is my husband and kids. And that puts things in perspective, and I make sure they always come first. But I also love working and creating and there’s so many things that I can do. And I just keep working on what interests me and that is my family. Our lives and everything just work around that”

Grandma Status: Good. Candy and Tori have ended their feud.

Reality Show: Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood starts on Monday.

Will you watch? Do you care? How do you feel about kids being on reality TV?