Family Matters: Is The 90s Sitcom A New Form of Bullying? (Video)


family mattersCan the 90’s sitcom Family Mattersbe contributing to the bullying of teenagers?  At one Tennessee High School, the iconic character of Steve Urkel has made the leap from noun to verb.  

One middle school has turned the 90s sitcom in a new mockery of students….


On the surface it may seem like an innocent solution to a fashion dilemma plaguing the hallways.   A middle school principle Memphis was trying to address the ongoing issue of those overly-saggy pants that teens seem to favor.  To help get the pants back up where they belong, he armed his teachers with zip ties to help cinch up the sagging trousers.  The result was a very Steve Urkel-esque appearance for the students.  Thus the verb ‘urkeled’ was born.

Where the whole thing takes a nasty turn is that the students who have been ‘Urkeled’ reportedly have their picture taken and posted on the Urkle wall for all the students to see.  In true middle school form, the students are then mocked amongst their peers.   As if middle school wasn’t difficult enough, the early teens definitely don’t need a school sanctioned method of bullying forced upon them.

What do you think of the school’s policy of ‘Urkeling’ the students?  Is it another form of teenage bullying?

Photo: ABC

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