Fan Spends $80,000 to Meet Robert Pattinson: Who Was It?

Fan spent $80,000 to meet Robert Pattinson
Fan spent $80,000 to meet Robert Pattinson

Do you love Robert Pattinson enough to spend $80,000 to meet him?

Well someone did just that.

One lucky fan spent $80,000 and won a chance to meet the hunky Brit on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

The winner and three friends will travel to Vancouver where they’ll enjoy a stay at the Four Seasons hotel. Then, they’ll travel by limo to the Breaking Dawn set, where they’ll have a meet and greet with RPatz.

Eeeeeek!  I can just hear the girls screaming!

The prize was offered on to raise funds for the GO Campaign, a non-profit group that supports grassroots projects for orphans and vulnerable children globally. The $80,000 bid is the highest bid ever for the GO Campaign.

Well sure, when you’re auctioning off a chance to meet the sexiest vampire alive!

Who would have 80 grand handy?  Definitely not a screaming teenager! 

Was it a Twilight Mom perhaps?  Or maybe it was a corporation who made the winning bid?  Some rich man or woman who plans on giving it to their kid?

Whoever it is will definitely enjoy it!

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