Fans Hate Justin Bieber Haircut?!?


justin bieber haircutYes, Justin Bieber new haircut is making some of his fans decide they aren’t fans any more! Justin Bieber cut his hair yesterday.  Now, there’s no more hair hanging down in his face.

But, how are Justin Bieber fans reacting to the Justin Bieber Haircut?

Some fans were tweeting with the #riphairflip hashtag on twitter, talking about how they will miss Justin Bieber’s hair. Someone tweetedthat the Justin Bieber haircut caused the teen to lose 80,000 twitter followers. Though, that number has not been confirmed.

Bieber fans seem to be out in full force this morning, talking all things Justin with a “Bieber Alert” on twitter.

A little haircut never hurt anyone, right? What do you think of Justin’s new haircut?

Photo: twitter