Fantasia Barrino Is A Homewrecker, Friends Say


fantasia-barrino-dates-married-manFar be it for me to judge, but former American Idol star Fantasia Barrino is dating a married father of two.

I’m sorry, did I say dating?  I meant living with.

According to Star, 25 year-old Fantasia met her new boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, back in August while he was working at a T-mobile retail store.  Friends say the attraction was instant, despite the fact that 30-year old Cook is married and has two children at home.

The tabloid source says that in late September, Cook left his wife, a teacher, and two sons, ages 4 and 1, to move in with the R&B singer.

Fantasia is a single mother herself, so it’s surprising (or is the word hypocritical?) that she would play a role in a father walking away from his family.  But maybe it’s OK because this is true love.  After all, Fantasia has reportedly tattooed Antwaun’s last name on her left shoulder to match one he has.  Everyone knows you don’t permanently ink someone’s name on your body unless it’s the real deal.

Fantasia’s friend (and media snitch) says of the tattoo, “She got it to honor her man!”

Well isn’t that sweet?

Slightly less sweet: “I’m not going to deny that the word ‘homewrecker’ is floating around.”