Fat Boy Slim Has A Baby On The Way


fatboy-slimFat Boy Slim is not in Heaven, he’s in a hell of his own making.

He and his wife both have alcohol issues and have tried for years to kick the habit, but haven’t had any luck in kicking it for good. At least not until this year.

The couple have one son, Woody,8, and had been trying for years to have another baby. They both say they were both too drunk to conceive.

Norman’s wife Zoe said, “We’re feeling blessed because we both gave up drinking and we’re thinking this is our gift of sobriety. We tried for years and years, and nothing, nothing, nothing. I gave up drinking in January and Norm gave up drinking in March and a month later, bang. It was like we were too drunk before!”

Their poor son Woody. I bet he’s seen some crazy things in his few years. I’m sure he’s glad that both of his parents are sober now.

Congrats to the family on the pregnancy and the sobriety.

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