Father of the Bride: A Look at Bill & Chelsea Clinton's Relationship


Bill Clinton has been spotted out today walking the streets of Rhinebeck, NY and chatting with the locals and reporters who have gathered to play a part, however peripheral, in what is being dubbed “The Wedding of the Century.”

Bill recently said that walking Chelsea down the aisle is the “most important job I’ll ever have,” and that he will try not to cry.

While Chelsea has kept out of the spotlight, even while her father was in office, there is no doubt that the pair are tight. “He’s a doting dad, and about as proud a dad as you can imagine,” said a casual friend of the former President.

Once when Chelsea was young and did not get a part she had practiced hard for in the ballet The Nutcracker, Bill sent her a not saying he couldn’t sleep because he was hurt she was so hurt and that he was proud. Chelsea read the note aloud during a speech when she graduated her senior year of high school and let everyone know how important that was to her, reports the Daily Beast.

Chelsea stood by her dad during the scandal with Monica Lewinsky and she managed to forgive him. When asked in 2008 during a college town hall what she thought of the critism her mother had taken for forgiving Bill, she responded it was none of anyone’s business.

Despite the media attention, Bill was able to keep her out of the media during hard times and also good. “My daughter is not a public figure,” he said when asked why she was attending private school. “She does not want to be a public figure. She does not like getting a lot of publicity. And frankly, she has more privacy and more control over her destiny where she is than she would if she were at the public school that she was also interested in attending.”

He has been tight lipped on tomorrow’s ceremony, but is surely a proud father of the bride.