Fathers Day: 5 Celeb Dads Who Don't Deserve a Gift!

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't deserve any parenting awards!

Father’s Day is right around the corner.

We start thinking about the wonderful dads in our lives and what we should get them to celebrate. But, there are dads who definitely aren’t winning any Father of the Year Awards this year! See which celeb dads might not even deserve a gift!

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger: with all the drama surrounding his divorce and a secret child or maybe even secret childREN, we’re not giving him any parenting props.

2. Kody Brown from Sister Wives: His family is in total upheaval with the scandal surrounding him and now they have to pick up and move. My Twitter stream was filled with comments like “Who does that do their kids?” during last night’s show.

3. Jon Gosselin: this one is more personal- because he gets on my nerves.  But, really, he got himself on this list for talking about wanting more kids. Hello, Jon, you already have eight to take care of.

4. Kevin Federline: for expecting baby #5 with baby mama #3.

5. Jesse James: way too much drama surrounding this celeb dad! Even if he’s trying by saying he hopes Louis will seek him out when he’s older.

Photo: PCN

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