Father's Day Gift Ideas for Alicia Silverstone's Green Hubby

alicia silverstone
What will Alicia Silverstone get Chris Jarecki for Father's Day?

Father’s Day is sure to be extra special this year for Alicia Silverstone and her husband, Chris Jarecki, as they just welcomed their first child, Bear Blu, a couple of months ago. Alicia and Chris have stayed out of the spotlight since their baby boy arrived, but then again, they’ve always been a pretty private couple.

It’s no secret that both Alicia and Chris are very green, so we put together some good Father’s Day gift ideas for men like Chris who are eco-conscious.

The best bet for men who are very green is to check out the eco-friendly section of Selections include solar powered digital watches, sound systems, and even a solar powered backpack. Other items that green guys will love include an eco-friendly baby carrier, and even a tree kit.

If Alicia decides that she’d rather not get Chris something material for Father’s Day, then enjoying a day out in nature with her husband and son might be just the ticket. What better way for Chris to celebrate being a dad then a picnic in the park with his family? With all-vegan foods, of course!

Photo: Pacific Coast News