Favorite snack of America's Next Top Model Ann Ward

Ann Ward America's Next Top Model
Is Ann Ward too thin?

The most recent winner of America’s Next Top Model, Ann Ward, is drawing criticism for being too skinny.

But, anyone who watched the show this season will tell you that Tyra Banks sent another contestant home in an early episode for being too thin- to the point of looking unhealthy. And that Ann did actually EAT on the show.

In fact, if you saw the recap episode that aired the week before the finale, you know that Ann liked to make her favorite snack for her housemates.

Something incredibly fattening. Are you familiar with fried oreos?

In case you aren’t familiar- most likely because you don’t deep fry things that are already fattening as it is- I’ll explain. You coat an oreo in pancake batter and then fry it in oil. Yes, it’s as unhealthy as it sounds.

Not a snack that we want to serve our kids.

But, the point is that Ann Ward eats. Yes, she appears impossibly thin. But, she’s also 6’2″. Not to mention only 19 years old.

I think she’s just naturally skinny. What do you think?