Favorite Valentines Day Movies to Watch With Your Valentine


Valentines day moviesYes, the restaurants are filled on Valentines Day. But, not all of us head out to dinner with our Valentine.

Some of us like to stay in and avoid the crowds. Or we have a hard time getting a babysitter. So, we opt for dinner and a movie from the comfort of home.

Looking for Valentines Day Movies to watch with your Valentine? Check out our list of Valentines Day themed movies:

The most obvious: Valentine’s Day. It came out last year, right before Valentine’s Day and couples flocked to the theater to see it. If you haven’t seen it yet, the holiday is a good excuse. The cast is amazing! There is sequel coming out this year: New Year’s Eve.

Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair to Remember feature Valentine’s Day prominently in their plots.

You could even take a different approach and watch Nina Vardalos and John Corbett in I Hate Valentine’s Day.

Or, you could go with these popular romances: Casablanca, Ghost, Twilight, Titanic, or When Harry Met Sally. And we love all things Nicholas Sparks, like Dear John, The Notebook, and Nights in Rodanthe.

Do you have a favorite romantic movie to watch on Valentine’s Day?

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