FBI Agent Out to Prove Amanda Knox is Innocent (VIDEO)


Amanda Knox just celebrated her 23rd  birthday and is currently awaiting appeal in the murder trial of her roommate Meredith Ketcher. Her visitors include her mother, who made her crab cakes behind bars as a B-day gift, and a former Italian lawmaker who is writing a book on her case. Amanda is one of just 75 female inmates and one of five convicted of murder.

FBI agent Steven Moore, who’s successes include taking down highly dangerous terrorists, has gotten involved in the case after discussing it with his wife and realizing that the young girl did not commit any crime.

He appeared on Good Morning America today to discuss the case. He is “as certain of her innocence as he is anything in the world.”

Steven even goes as far as to say if Amanda needs a roommate, he’ll volunteer his daughter. Take a look at the interview below to find out why he’s so positive that Amanda is innocent.

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