Hello, Felicity! Keri Russell Returns to TV


keri russell son riverIn the eight years since Felicity, Keri Russell has been doing a little bit of acting and a lot of mommying. Sure, she’s starred in Waitress, August Rush, and Extraordinary Measures, but her only small screen appearances (and really, it was Keri’s TV work that made us fall in love with her), has consisted mostly of guests spots on shows like Scrubs.

Yet as of next season, she’s going to be a weekly regular again! This may be bad news for son River Deary, but it’s great news for Felicity fans like me. Especially because her co-star is one of my favorite comic real-life dads—one who’s about to have a second child.

Yup, her co-star in the show, called Running Wilde, is Will Arnett. Arnett and wife Amy Poehler are expecting their second child around the same time Running Wilde will debut on FOX, if I’m estimating right (late summer, early fall). 

Details about the show are sparse except for the fact that Mitch Hurwitz, the man behind Arrested Development, is involved. Keri Russell, Will Arnett, and Mitch Hurwitz? Expect lots of skewed laughs.

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