Fergie and Josh Duhamel Are Making Baby Plans!

Will there soon be a little Pea in the pod?

Hope crocodile-print dresses come in maternity sizes!

As 2012 began, Fergie announced that she was taking a break from touring with the Black Eyed Peas to relax at home – and that she and husband Josh Duhamel were thinking of starting a family.

Now Josh is confirming those plans, too. Asked at a Sony PlayStation event whether he and his wife of three years were ready for children, his answer was quick and to the point: Yes!

He added, “I think when you have a baby, everything becomes about [scheduling].”

But from the looks of things, the timing seems ideal now.

Without the strain of travel, Fergie and Josh will have plenty of opportunity to start trying. She has said that she wants to kick back at home, watching sports and redecorating.

Even if the rumors are true that she’ll be one of the new judges on The X Factor, the show tapes locally and isn’t as physically demanding as singing onstage several times a week.

Josh will have time to devote to expectant fatherhood as well; he told interviewers that “they haven’t called me yet” to appear in the cast of the new Transformers 4 movie.

So what are you waiting for, guys? With Jennifer Garner and Jessica Simpson ready to pop any second now, we’re going to need a new baby bump to watch this spring!

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