Cute Alert: Fergie and Josh Duhamel Share Adorable Family Pics (Photos)


Fergie and Josh Duhamel have really embraced parenthood, and how could they not? Their baby boy Axl is adorable!

The two have been sharing some super cute photos of their darling son. And the family is getting out and about, not just nesting at home. Fergie has been hard at work on her new shoe collection, Josh was hanging out in Las Vegas with James Caan, and the whole family went to the Southern Californian wine country to work on the harvest at the family winery, Ferguson Crest (Fergie’s wine label with her dad, Pat Ferguson).

  • Back to Work 1 of 12

    "Fabulous @FergieFootwear design meeting today." Fergie isn't back to work on the stage, but rather working on her next shoe line.

    Photo Source: Fergie/Instagram

  • Cutie! 2 of 12

    "Aaahh #BreakingBad is done!! Still learning valuable life lessons on #SonsOfAnarchy. #mommystvshowsrock" Ha! Funny! But seriously, how cute is this kid?

    Photo Source: Fergie/Instagram

  • A Young Fergie 3 of 12

    "2 my one & only sister @danamferg who I love very much, happy bday d-ball!!! #flashbackfriday" How cute is this family photo?

    Photo Source: Fergie/Instagram

  • Milk 4 of 12

    "I'd prefer a nice bottle of milk." Yes, he is a bit too young for wine yet.

    Photo Source: Instagram/Josh Duhamel

  • Grapes! 5 of 12

    "Oooooh juicy grapes." Wow, that's a lot of grapes!

    Photo Source: Fergie/Instagram

  • Harvest! 6 of 12

    "It'z harvest day." And Fergie and Josh came up to help!

    Photo Source: Fergie/Instagram

  • Grandpa 7 of 12

    "Grampas favorite bundle of grapes in the vineyard."

  • Yum! 8 of 12

    "Out with the boyz grape picking." And, of course, she had to sample some.

    Photo Source: Fergie/Instagram

  • James Caan! 9 of 12

    "Whether on Las Vegas or in Los Angeles, there's never a dull moment with Jimmy Caan." What a great photo! Classic.

    Photo Source: Fergie/Josh Duhamel

  • Dodgers 10 of 12

    "Dodgers!" Yup, they lost.

    Photo Source: Fergie/Josh Duhamel

  • TBT 11 of 12

    "I love Halloween! #TBT" HA! Josh and Fergie are unrecognizable!

    Photo Source: Instagram/Josh Duhamel

  • That Face! 12 of 12

    Serioulsy, how adorable is he? "hello world!!!! #daddyandmommymademedothis #whatsahashtag"

    Photo Source: Fergie/Josh Duhamel