Fergie Busts Out Her Baby Bump in Brazil (Photos)


Fergie isn’t staying at home being all “bare-foot and pregnant”, no she is instead enjoying the life of a jet-setting superstar just like she has for years. This week the knocked-up knock-out has been spotted in South America, spending time in Rio de Janeiro. On Wednesday, Fergie went to a dance presentation in Cantagalo Hill and visited with fans in the Favela. And Fergie was very sweet, posing with fans and even letting strangers touch her baby bump! Check out Fergie and her baby bump right here:

  • Fergie 1 of 7
    Fergie wore a very unique and busy patterned shirt and jacket while in Rio.
  • Her Baby Bump! 2 of 7
    Her Baby Bump!
    She is very much showing now! Check out her baby bump!
  • Busy 3 of 7
    She isn't taking it easy is she?
  • Belly Touching 4 of 7
    Belly Touching
    She even let fans touch her belly!
  • Beaming! 5 of 7
    Fergie seemed to be beaming when she let a man touch her baby bump.
  • Hugs 6 of 7
    She even stopped and gave hugs with her fans.
  • Mobbed 7 of 7
    But even though Fergie was mobbed, she was still all smiles!

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com