Fergie: Pregnant, Bad Plastic Surgery, Botox? What is Wrong with Fergie's Face?

fake fergie american idol
What is WRONG with Fergie?

Fergie on American Idol last night is the talk of the web this morning!  Is Fergie pregnant on Did Fergie get plastic surgery or bad Botox?  Seriously, what is wrong with Fergie’s face?  She didn’t even LOOK like the same person.  I’m considering Alien Abduction, it’s just that weird.

Fergie appeared with the Black Eyed Peas on American Idol last night and it was disturbing.  Viewers honestly didn’t KNOW it was her!

Ryan Seacrest has confirmed that a puffy Fergie performed on American Idol last night.

Viewers freaked out on Twitter last night about what was wrong with the Black Eyed Peas vocalist.  Twitter practically melted down from all the buzz on whether Fergie is pregnant or if her appearance was due to bad botox, plastic surgery gone wrong!

I’m not sure if I buy that it was really Fergie last night.  It sure looked like a Fergie stand-in or it looks like Fergie is very ill or had an allergic reaction to something.

Perhaps it was ALIEN ABDUCTION?  Talk to me!  What the heck is going ON with Fergie?