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Fergie Pregnant on American Idol? Sources Confirm it WAS Fergie on American Idol (Video)

By WendyM |

fergie pregnant american idol plastic surgery face

Fergie pregnant on American Idol or plastic surgery (video)?

Was Fergie pregnant on American Idol or did Fergie get plastic surgery? What happened to Fergie’s face on American Idol’s Black Eyed Peas performance?

Fergie – or a Fergie Fake – appeared with the Black Eyed Peas on American Idol’s results show.

Twitter exploded with comments about whether Fergie is pregnant or if she got botox, a face lift or botched plastic surgery.

While we get what really happened to Fergie on American Idol sorted out, here’s one little tidbit: Ryan Seacrest took to Twitter earlier in the evening, writing, “Watching fergie on top of some furniture right now. @bep rehearsing… live on @AmericanIdol in 55 mins”

So… looks like Ryan confirmed it was Fergie, right? Or is the Fergie fake a cover up? Time will tell… you can watch the Fergie / Black Eyed Peas American Idol performance in the video below – it definitely doesn’t look like Fergie, nor does she really seem to have her mannerisms while performing.

Then again… a tweet went out on Twitter tonight: “Someone from the BEP’s label confirmed for me that it WAS Fergie singing tonight. Yes, I was so in doubt that I actually asked!”

What do you think? Is Fergie pregnant… was that her… with plastic surgery?

Another UPDATE from Ryan Secrest on Twitter, March 18: “Haha! Real fergie.Promise” following this question… “@leogirl864: @RyanSeacrest @AmericanIdol. There are a lot of us that think Fergie was a look a like. Is it true”

It really WAS Fergie!

Compare to Fergie’s face in this Black Eyed Peas music video made one week before the Japan earthquake:

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0 thoughts on “Fergie Pregnant on American Idol? Sources Confirm it WAS Fergie on American Idol (Video)

  1. fiora says:

    she totally had her nose done!! thats why her face is all swollen.

  2. Pnille says:

    The same though here ……..I was like: her plastic surgery got wrong???? She looked so much better before!

  3. paublop says:

    Yeah, that’s definitely her… she gained some weight, you can see it in her face

  4. patricia says:

    Her signature chin dimple is missing on the Fergie in American Idol last night. Where the Fergie in the video made in Japan has the chin dimple….but either way everything IS different on her from her hair, eyes, nose, and lips on her AI performance. My first reaction was, her face looked fuller, and then I wasnt sure that was her, but it did sound like her. I was confused and now more so after comparing the two videos above.

  5. mandy says:

    It’s not weight in her face. She’s had filler put into her face and a chemical peel. Her face is an obvious different shade, which happens with chemical peels. Not a big deal, minor stuff really. She looks better, fresher.

  6. Aidan says:

    Her face definitely looks fuller, but the most obvious difference is the shape of her eyebrows. That makes a big change in the look of her face.

  7. Nicole says:

    Very strange that in the Japan video we don’t ever see her entire body shown, seems like they are trying to avoid showing her stomach…and then this mysterious person who looks nothing like Fergie appears on American Idol!?! I think we’re trying to cover up a pregnancy.

  8. PJ Kirby says:

    I checked out the video from Japan, the week before the earthquake and her previous pics – plus – I watched the show last night. Yes, it was shocking to see a “glammed down” Fergie, but that is definitely her. Last night, as always she has a slight cleft chin…you cannot fake that.

    My only question is why did Fergie pronounce “love” more like “loav” (sounds like loaf). She doesn’t do that in the video they made.

    Anyway, calm down it’s her…just without the eye-liner and eye-shadow and she wore her hair parted on the side…not the middle.

  9. Edzep says:

    this is so funny… make-up can do wonders… even make a ‘normal’ pretty girl look like a super-human-android-sex-bomb… and when it’s dialed down, you still end up with a normal pretty girl, which Fergie definitely is.

  10. jfo says:

    If you stop the AI video at 4:12 minutes into the video and compare it to 0.57 into the BIP video, you can see the difference in her face. I like her new look.

  11. MC says:

    NO, that is not a result of less make-up, that is a face that has been altered with fillers or fat grafting to soften the severe angular features she had prior , it looks like she had her eyebrow position altered, she appeared to have had a prior eyebrow lift as her eyebrows have allways had a “pulled up” look, now they look naturally positioned (better), her cleft chin looks filled as well. Her nose looks a tad smaller , although that could be a result of her face getting bigger makes it appear smaller. She looks good though , just different.

  12. Jo says:

    With 10 years experience in the plastic surgery industry, I say she had a non invasive laser treatment like Fraxel C02. Regardless, she looked so hot in the marlyn monroe dress! Where can I get one?!

  13. jjj says:

    she had her prominent jaw bone shaved down, she doesnt have a sharp chizzled jaw anymore and no clef in her chin and probably some cheek implants and fat injected into her cheeks.
    shes trying to emulate amber roses face.

  14. Joey says:

    Well plastic surgery must have also been done on her voice because that is not what she normally sounds like. Something very weird was going on.

  15. PM says:

    I think she just actually washed her hair- it usually looks filthy. Her face is just being framed differently by clean hair.

  16. AEvangelista says:

    Not Fergie. Forget the face, where are the muscles? Fergie is powerfully built. The girl on Idol is not.

  17. ivan coronado says:

    yeah that’s her she does look big in the face but so did my wife when she was pregnant

  18. savvyspice says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think she looks good. It’s definitely Fergie.

  19. cheryl says:

    It’s Fergie with Cheek implants…
    see the commercial for Cherry Dr. Pepper….definitely plastic surgery

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