Fergie Taking Time Off: Trying To Get Pregnant?

fergie josh duhamel
Fergie & Josh Duhamel Trying For a Baby?

Fergie is one busy lady, and she recently decided to take a break and enjoy a little time off! According to her husband, Josh Duhamel, “They’ve been working her like a rented mule for 8 years. She wants a little time off.”

Wanting to step back and enjoy a little down time is totally understandable, but could Fergie have another “project” in mind while she’s not working? Could Josh and Fergie be trying to get pregnant?

Pregnancy rumors have surrounded Fergie for quite some time now, and everyone expects she and Josh to start a family soon. There has been speculation that Fergie’s work hiatus is so she and Josh can spend more time together.

Will Fergie’s next major announcement include a baby bump? Is it possible that Fergie is already pregnant?

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