Fergie's Face on American Idol: Josh Duhamel Confirms It Was Really Fergie (Video)

Fergie face American Idol makeup
What happened to Fergie's face?

Fergie’s face debate on American Idol may be so last week, but we now have the official word straight from Fergie’s husband, Josh Duhamel.

It really was Fergie on American Idol, Duhamel confirms.

But what happened to Fergie’s face?

Josh claims it was just makeup that made Fergie’s face look… well, different.

Duhamel tells Ryan Seacrest in the interview below, “I thought she looked amazing… It’s amazing. You put a different color on your lips and, uh, rumors fly. But she’s the same, she’s the same Fergie…I sleep right next to her every night. I like it.”

Ryan Seacrest said he saw a lot of discussion on Twitter about it being a fake Fergie.

I’m still not convinced there’s not more to it than just makeup though!