Fergie's Lovely Baby Bump Is Spotted Out To Dinner With Josh Duhamel In London! Can You See It? (Photos)

Hiding her baby bump in an oversized leather cape, Fergie leaves C London restaurant in Mayfair after enjoying dinner with her husband Josh Duhamel and singer Mika
Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Spotted! Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel and singer Mika were leaving a local hot spot  C London restaurant in Mayfair, London.

Just this past week Fergie and Josh announced via twitter that they were expecting their first child. There had been speculation that the Fergie was pregnant for sometime now, but nothing had been confirmed.

I have to say that this is one pregnancy that I am really excited about! I often separate myself from celebrities and just call it work and try not to get attached to their story!

I’ll admit I have become cynical, because today what celebrity actually stays together? They end up in divorce and we are all devastated that we invested the time in them to follow them and keep up with their story!

Their is just something about Fergie and Josh that tells me that if they can make a baby, they will be sticking together, kind of like Victoria and David Beckham and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale! Those are the ones I truly hope can keep it together and make marriage and family work!

OK, check out the photos below! Tell me do you see that Baby Bump?

  • Fergie! 1 of 10
    Hiding her baby bump in an oversized leather cape, Fergie leaves C London restaurant in Mayfair
  • Mika 2 of 10
    Fergie enjoyed a lovely dinner with her husband Josh Duhamel and singer Mika. Those shoes are amazing!
  • Walk! 3 of 10
    Remember those photographers in London can be pretty intense.
  • The Coat! 4 of 10
    The Coat!
    I am loving Fergies big leather coat and white fluffy collar! It definitely should keep her warm!
  • Josh! 5 of 10
    Josh must be exhausted from all the press. With Safe Haven premiers and the exciting news of the baby they need to go on a vacation!
  • Boots! 6 of 10
    Love Fergie's black half boots! I need a pair but can never find the right ones!
  • Bump Questions? 7 of 10
    Bump Questions?
    What do you see? A Bump? What do you think?
  • Smiles! 8 of 10
    Fergie definitely has that glow about her that says' yep I am preggo!
  • Concerts? 9 of 10
    I saw Fergie in concert with U2 a few years ago and it was the most amazing concert. She is one you really want to see one day! Just amazing, I wonder how long of a break she will take?
  • The Bump! 10 of 10
    The Bump!
    I really see a bump! Because when does Fergie ever wear something so over-sized??

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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