Festivus: It's a Festivus for the Rest of Us Today


Festivus: “a festivus for the rest of us” is celebrated today, December 23rd.

Do you remember Frank Costanza yelling about this holiday, declaring it to be one in the Seinfeld series? But, did you know that the term was coined all the way back in 1966?

It was the series writer’s father, Dan O’Keefe, who actually came up with the term way back then.   

Festivus is for those who want to celebrate without all the commercialization of the holiday season.

There is a Festivus pole instead of a Christmas tree.  Festivus dinner has no special foods or requirements: people just get together and eat. Then there is the airing of grievances, where you can tell everyone how they let you down this past year.  The evening ends with impressive feats of strength.

Yes, it’s a completely invented holiday, but hey: so was Mother’s Day.

Do you remember this Seinfeld episode? What do you think of Festivus?