'Fire Letterman' Protest At Ed Sullivan Theater Today



Last week, David Letterman accidentally picked a fight with the Palins. His jokes about their 14 year-old daughter Willow (who Dave mistook for 18 year-old Bristol) have become a rally point for angry parent crusader types.

Now, it appears that even Sarah Palin can’t call off the dogs. Even though she reportedly accepted Letterman’s apology, organizers are holding a protest today at 4:30 to ask CBS to fire Letterman!

The all-important rally, which will hopefully cleanse the soul of the American media (heavy sarcasm intended), meets at the Ed Sullivan theater this afternoon. Be there and be square.

Sometimes a politician gets a golden opportunity to pretend to stand up for women/children/all the underdogs of the world, and they turn a seemingly insignificant incident into a crusade.

As usual, campaigns about nothing and for nothing generally get hijacked by bottom feeding politicos and become an outlet for general frustrations… eventually reduced to a mob mentality.

I think that’s a pretty fair description of what has happened with the David Letterman vs. Palin thing.

No doubt, Letterman’s joke was crude … and he admitted that it was a mistake. But casting David Letterman as a child predator or a sponsor of underage rape is just a little out of proportion. In fact, it’s just plain ridiculous.

Right? Should Letterman’s 27-year career in late night TV really get taken down over this? Is this all a covert attempt to boost Conan’s ratings?