First Glimpse of Mariah Carey's Post-Baby Body! (Photo)

mariah carey
Mariah Carey's first sighting post baby!

New mom Mariah Carey has been laying low since the birth of her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, but today, the first photo of Mariah’s post-baby body surfaced!

This picture of Mariah was taken in New York, and the person standing next to her is actually a personal trainer. It seems that Mariah is wasting no time trying to get her pre-baby figure back!

While we can’t really see too much of Mariah’s frame in this picture, refreshingly, she does seem to be carrying a bit of the weight she gained while pregnant with the twins. This photo is a nice change from seeing celebrity moms who are super skinny immediately after giving birth.

While Mariah may not have been able to dodge the paparazzi, her babies certainly have. Official photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins still have not been released, and we are starting to wonder just when we will finally see them.

Babies definitely turn your life upside down, and I’m sure that having twins is a much bigger lifestyle switch than having only one baby.

Hopefully Mariah won’t put too much pressure on herself to bounce back into perfect shape. These things take time!

Photo: Pacific Coast News