First Look at Kate Middleton's Wedding Day Hair - Wears Her Lovely Locks Down!

kate middleton hair
First Glimpse At Kate Middleton's Hair

Kate Middleton is going against tradition and has opted to wear her hair down for the royal wedding!  The royal couple apparently tried to through the world for a loop when Kate was photographed earlier this week with a trial up-do in advance of the big ceremony. 

Rather than hide her gorgeous long locks tucked away for the day, Kate has gone with a traditional tiara with a veil over her flowing tresses. 

Traditionally the royal brides have opted to go with a more traditional up-style ala Princess Diana’s conservative style back in 1981.  Kate had started a national debate when rumors swirled that she wanted to skip the tiara and go for flowers in her hair.  It looks like she negotiated a truce with the royal stylists to get to wear her hair down with the traditional tiara.  The end effect is absolutely lovely!

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s choice of wearing her hair down for the big Royal Wedding?

Photo: Pacific Coast News