"First Mother-in-Law" Marian Robinson Settles Into White House Life


essence-coverWhen Barack and Michelle Obama knew they’d be headed to The White House, they invited Michelle’s mother Marian Robinson along.  Apparently, it took some convincing, but the “First Mother-in-Law” has now settled into D.C. life. As when they all lived in Chicago, Robinson is a staple in Sasha and Malia daily Washington routine, such as taking them to and from school nearly every day.

So here’s the question: If you could have 24-hour-a-day, as-needed child care right on your premises, would you invite your mother-in-law or mother to move in with you? Granted, Robinson lives on the third floor and the Obamas are on the second, so The White House lends itself to privacy as needed.  But, still, what would you think about a relative moving in to help with the kids?

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Photo Credit: Essence Magazine