First Photo of Tiger Woods In Rehab!


tiger-woods-1The first photos of an elusive and rare Tiger have emerged! Not a Bengal tiger in the wild but of the one and only golfing great Tiger Woods.  The photograph confirms Tiger’s residence at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Check out the photo here on Radaronline!

While wife Elin has been spotted in the Florida sun with her children, Tiger’s image, caught by The National Enquire, is much more grim.  He was photographed from long range and he sports a cap and hoodie and so it’s a bit grainy, but eyewitnesses say that it is was for sure Tiger.
Tiger is reportedly living without a roommate a cottage at the well respected and low-key addition center.

The National Enquirer has been the bane of Tiger’s existence. They not only got their hands on their first post Tiger scandal photo but they are the ones who initially broke the story of his affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Do you think Tiger has been in touch with Elin and the kids since he’s been in treatment?


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