Five Reasons Not to Feel Sorry for Elin Nordegren


Elin Nordegren is the classiest woman and mother on the planet, not to mention one of the most beautiful. And now that the time was right to finally speak out, she was able to make three simple points via her interview with People magazine: 1) there was no violence inside or outside of her home thereby dismissing the rumors she attacked Tiger with a golf club upon learning of his infidelity; 2) she had no idea what Tiger was up to; 3) the marriage was very real for her.

Now, she wants to live her life as a private person. Despite all she’s been through, here are five reasons why although we should admire her, we shouldn’t not feel sorry for her:

1. She has two precious children with Tiger so something beautiful came out of the ugliness that became their marriage.

2. She now has the opportunity to find true love with someone who will reciprocate and respect her. Clearly Tiger isn’t capable of that so good thing she found that out now.

3. She is standing in the same place as millions of women who are betrayed by their husbands and left to care for their children. Luckily for Elin, she won’t have the additional burden of trying to single-handedly support them like so many women do.

4. Nobody in the history of scandals has emerged with so much dignity. She’s a role model for women everywhere on how to handle yourself with class, especially in this age of celebrity worship and on-camera public apologies. Note to scorned women in public life: Don’t stand up next to your philandering husband at press conferences — it makes you look pathetic.

5. She wouldn’t want anyone feeling sorry for her. She strikes me as having too much pride for that.

Was it all worth the heartache and the humiliation she had to go through? Like most moms, she’d probably do it all again. Because if she never married Tiger she wouldn’t have these children she so clearly adores. Now let’s hope next time around she picks a guy with morals and character to match hers.