Five Things About Lauren Miller, Seth Rogen's Fiance

Seth Rogen Lauren Miller
Seth Rogen Engaged To Lauren Miller

Actor Seth Rogen officially popped the question and is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Miller. Seth and Lauren have been dating since 2004.

Rogen asked for Lauren’s hand in marriage after getting back from a family trip to Boston. He went about the proposal in a traditional way, even getting down on one knee.

Other than being Seth Rogen’s fiance, who is Lauren Miller?  There wasn’t too much information out there about her, but I did gather a few tid-bits:

1. Lauren is 28 years old, just like Seth.

2. She and Seth may have just gotten engaged, but she’s been living with him in Los Angeles for quite some time.

3. Lauren is a writer and actress, and has had a few minor roles in some of Seth’s films.

4. She has also directed, produced, and written other films that Seth has not appeared in.

5. Lauren’s family adores Rogen, and she was thrilled when he popped the question. She had started to give up hope that they would ever become engaged.

Now that Seth and Lauren are finally getting hitched, we can’t help but wonder if babies are far behind!

Photo: PRPhotos