Five Things About Patrick Wilson, Including Where You've Seen This Dad Before

Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson: He's a "Morning Glory"

Did you see the “Morning Glory” trailer on TV last night and wonder, “Who is that attractive man romancing Rachel McAdams I know I’ve seen him before?” His name is Patrick Wilson, and he’s a Will Arnett lookalike who also has two kids.

He appeared at the Public Theatre in New York earlier this week for a reading of “The Normal Heart,” and he’s known for his dramatic roles in “Little Children” and “Angels In America” as well as his appearances in the buff in cult films like “Watchmen.”

But where I know him from is “The A-Team,” where he played bad guy Lynch this summer and very effectively. Here’s four other things about him you may not have known:

1. He’s very bright he graduated from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

2. He’s talented he received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his role as a gay Mormon lawyer in HBO’s adaptation of “Angels.”

3. He’s in love he’s been married to Polish Dagmara Dominczyk for five years; they met as undergrads at CMU.

4. He’s capable of gaining and losing lots of weight he had to pack on 25 pounds for his role in “Watchmen,” then lost it all for his next movie.


Photo: Wikipedia