Flavor Flav is "the Flyest Grandpa You Could Have!" Tru Dat!

Flavor Flav "flyest grandpa"

You may know Rapper Flavor Flav, his real name William Jonathan Drayton, from the 1980s and the groundbreaking rap group Public Enemy.

But did you know the 52-year-old is a father and grandfather?

Yes, Flavor Flav is a granddaddy, “the flyest grandpa you could have!”

He has a book out, Flavor Flav: The Icon, The Memoir. The rapper is also looking forward to having more children!

In an interview with Omg!, when asked about having more children (he already has seven), what is Flav’s perfect number?

“Ten. [Laughs] I’m working on it. I want three more. I’m going to go for it!”  he said.

If his children wanted to follow in his musical footsteps, he would totally support them. ” I definitely would encourage them. I’ve even had my kids on stage with me at some of my shows.”

Flav revealed that he and Chuck D are getting back into the studio to record another Public Enemy album, and he’s also working on a solo record as part of his effort to “keep this hip hop thing alive!”

When asked if it’s weird to think of himself as a grandfather, he said “No, I’m proud of it. A lot of guys didn’t live to see this, but I did.”

Photo: PCN

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