Celebrity Mom "Oops" Moments


  • Kelly Ripa, Dropping her son 1 of 14
    Kelly Ripa, Dropping her son
    Ripa accidentally tripped and fell on the stairs while carrying her 20-month-old son, resulting in his needing to get a stitch in his head. Ripa told, “For the next year and a half, I would go down the stairs on my rear end, holding him, because the guilt overcame me in a way that
    you can't imagine.”
  • Emily Mortimer, Forgetting What’s in her purse 2 of 14
    Emily Mortimer, Forgetting What's in her purse
    “I was at YMCA with my little boy when he was really little, and I took him to a Mommy and Me class. I turn around to see Sam walking across the room with a pack of Marlboro Lights raised above his head,” Mortimer admitted to Babble. “He’d been rummaging in my handbag looking for his pacifier and instead pulled out this packet of cigarettes like they were some trophy. It was awful! Everyone was so shocked. It would have been less shocking if he’d pulled a small handgun from my handbag.”
  • Alexis Bellino, forgetting the stroller lock 3 of 14
    Alexis Bellino, forgetting the stroller lock
    The Real Housewives of Orange County star told the story on her blog about the time she forgot the stroller lock saying, “Within seconds, our stroller had rolled towards the pool and a stroller wheel rolled off the edge. Before either of us could grab it, the stroller went into the pool. Of course, Jim [Alexis’ husband] instantly went into the pool. He grabbed the girls himself and lifted both of them out of the water. We’ve been reminded to never take our eyes off
    the children for even a second when near water.”
  • Kristin Armstrong, throwing a tantrum 4 of 14
    Kristin Armstrong, throwing a tantrum
    Sometimes you need to make a fool out of yourself to get the job done. When recounting a temper tantrum, Kristin Armstrong — ex-wife of Lance Armstrong — said, “One of my girls was on the floor, pounding her arms and legs, screaming and twisting. People were walking by looking, thinking what an awful mom I was. So I threw my body on the floor and copied her. It was the ugliest, most unattractive thing I think I’ve ever done, but it worked!”
  • Nigel Barker, losing his son 5 of 14
    Nigel Barker, losing his son
    Dads have freakouts, too. While on a family outing to a friend’s lake house, fashion photographer and America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker lost his five year-old son. “I literally thought he had drowned,” Barker told OK Magazine. “I thought he had gone outside and drowned.” After a half-hour search, the family found Jack hiding behind a sofa. Apparently he heard the family freaking out and was scared to emerge.
  • Ricki Lake, burning her house down 6 of 14
    Ricki Lake, burning her house down
    When trying to refuel a portable heater, Lake accidentally lit a nearby couch on fire, causing her rented Malibu apartment to catch flames. While the house was burning to the ground, Lake and her two sons escaped. On the 911 tape, you can hear Lake say to her youngest, “Mommy made a mistake.” Later, a rep for Lake told People that the former talk show host felt “gratitude and blessings” for the fact that her family was unharmed.
  • Halle Berry, losing her daughter 7 of 14
    Halle Berry, losing her daughter
    Halle Berry got a bitter dose of parental anxiety in August 2010 when she lost then two year-old daughter, Nahla, while shopping. “You look away for a second and they're gone, and your body just gets all hot,” Berry admitted to Vogue. “I look around and, sure enough, 30 seconds later, she pokes her head out: 'Hi, Mommy.' But it made me think: What if she really did get lost? Would she be able to say who she is?”
  • Emma Thompson, screaming at her daughter 8 of 14
    Emma Thompson, screaming at her daughter
    Emma Thompson told Hollywoodlife, “I dropped the ball quite recently in Scotland at a party when I shouted at Gaia [Emma’s now 12-year-old daughter]. She’d asked for things so I shouted at her, and then she went and hid by the rubbish bins. It was really bad.”
  • Cheryl Hines, getting locked out 9 of 14
    Cheryl Hines, getting locked out
    While visiting her brother’s home, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star walked out onto his patio and shut the sliding glass doors behind her, accidentally locking her brother’s six children and her baby daughter inside. “At first it was kind of funny, but after forty-five minutes it wasn't so funny anymore,” Hines told Babble. “Sooner or later, someone was going to need formula. We didn't know if we should take the door off! Eventually someone showed up and set us free.”
  • Sherri Shepherd, coddling her son 10 of 14
    Sherri Shepherd, coddling her son
    The mother of five-year-old Jeffrey admits her son is a little spoiled. “He’s a momma’s boy, and I’m deathly afraid of my future daughter-in-law looking around and saying, ‘I’m not picking up your underwear! I don’t care if your mother did it for you!’” Shepherd told Babble. “I’m going to be one of those mothers who calls him and says, ‘Baby, I know you’re 40, but I made dinner.’”
  • Lynne Curtin, spoiling her kids 11 of 14
    Lynne Curtin, spoiling her kids
    Lynne Curtin knows her weaknesses. The Real Housewives of Orange County star told iVillage, “I need some lessons in parenting.” After watching herself on television, Curtin realized, “I need to be tougher and stricter. I just let my girls walk all over me.” Easier said than done, Curtin.
  • Jodi Picoult, losing her patience 12 of 14
    Jodi Picoult, losing her patience
    “I have three kids, and my middle son had tumors that were growing in his ears that took away some of his hearing that led to him having 13 surgeries in a 3-year period,” the best-selling author told Babble. “[At the same time] my oldest son got strep throat and said, ‘Well now you can pay attention to me.’ I was so mad at him. Because he was sick but he wasn’t sick enough. And that’s a horrible thing to feel as a mother. I wish I had known you’re going to say things you regret but ultimately your other children will have moments when they need you and you’re there for them.”
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur, sleeping in her son’s bed 13 of 14
    Marissa Jaret Winokur, sleeping in her son's bed
    Parenthood is great, if you can stomach the humiliation. Even two years after giving birth to son, Zev Isaac, Dancing With the Stars competitor Marissa Jaret Winokur is still struggling for sleep. “I still haven’t had a good night’s sleep since my son has been born — to this day,” Winokur admitted to People. “I’m sleeping in a racecar bed with my son right now. He’s in a big boy bed, but he cries for me in the middle of the night.”
  • Monet Mazur, losing her cool 14 of 14
    Monet Mazur, losing her cool
    Monet Mazur has one strict parenting rule — stay cool. In an interview with Babble, the Castle star told us that she keeps her marital disputes far away from her son, five year-old Preston. “The first time [Preston] heard me yell, he burst into tears, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, he doesn’t even know what an argument is.’” She said, “It’s not natural for kids not to know conflict, but I don’t like to let him see me get super-emotional.”

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