Food Network Star Is A Mom Of Four


mom_makes_big_in_foodnetwork_pm-thumb-266x354Do you remember the winner of Season One of “The Next Food Network Star”? Her name is Melissa d’Arabian and she’s about to be a bonafide Food Network Star. I know the title of the show says it, but that’s not always the way it works out.

Melissa is a mom to four kids, all girls and all under the age of four. In an interview with Melissa, Susannah Locketti was able to see what makes her tick or at least what she most enjoyed about the show.

Susannah Locketti: When I competed on Season One it felt like a mommy vacation because for once I was seating on a clean toilet seat without pee. How did you like being away from the kids?

Melissa: A lot of finalists would complain that they were so tired, but for me it was the most sleep I had in four years. It was hard to leave my family and a huge family sacrifice, but it was nice to focus on me, my creativity and my experiences. It was nice to get in touch with who I am as a person. It was also great for my girls to see me doing something that I love.

I love the Food Network and am very happy that an actual mom did this. What a great example for her daughters. Though they are all so young, they will be able to watch videos of the competition and see their mom on TV being successful and doing what she loves.

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